2024.05     The Happy Life of Isadora Bentley/ Courtney Walsh

2024.04     The All American/ Susie Finkbeiner

2024.03     Always Watching/ Lynette Eason

2024.02     He Should Have Told the Bees/ Amanda Cox

2024.01     Cold Pursuit/ Nancy Mehl

2023.12     The Christmas Spirit/ Debbie Macomber

2023.11     Facing the Dawn/ Cynthia Ruchti

2023.10     The Metropolitan Affair/ Jocylen Green

2023.09     A Distant Shore/ Karen Kingsbury

2023.08     Heirlooms/ Sandra Byrd

2023.07     Dear Henry, Love Edith/ Becca Kinzer

2023.06     The Seeds of Change/ Lauraine Snelling

2023.05     What We Found in Hallelujah/ Vanessa Miller

2023.04     Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish/ Bethany Turner

2023.03     The Element of Love/ Mary Connealy

2023.02     Carved in Stone/ Elizabeth Camden

2023.01     Beneath the Surface/ Lynn H. Blackburn

2022.12     A Quilt for Christmas/ Melody Carlson & One Charmed Christmas/ Sheila Roberts

2022.11     Emerald Tide/ Davis Bunn

2022.10     A Maple Falls Romance series/ Kathleen Fuller

2022.09     A Fall of Marigolds/ Susan Meissner

2022.08     Under the Bayou Moon/ Valerie Fraser Luesse

2022.07     After She Falls/ Carmen Schober

2022.06     Braced for Love/ Mary Connealy

2022.05     Bookshop by the Sea/ Denise Hunter

2022.04     Serving Up Love/ Various Authors

2022.03      The Librarian of Boone’s Hollow/ Kim Vogel Sawyer

2022.02     Just Let Go/ Courtney Walsh & Under the Tulip Tree/ Michelle Shocklee

2022.01     Collision of Lies/ Tom Threadgill

2021.12     Catching Christmas/ Terri Blackstock

2021.11     The Cul-de-sac War/ Melissa Ferguson

2021.10     Living Lies/ Natalie Walters

2021.09     The Bitter and Sweet of Cherry Season/ Molly Fader

2021.08     Before I Called You Mine/ Nicole Deese

2021.07     An Appalachian Summer/ Ann H. Gabhart

2021.06     The Fifth Avenue Story Society/ Rachel Hauck

2021.05     Lake Season/ Denise Hunter

2021.04     The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck/ Bethany Turner

2021.03     The Happy Camper/ Melody Carlson

2021.02     Almost Home/ Valerie Fraser Luesse

2021.01     Hope’s Highest Mountain/ Misty Beller

2020.12     The White Christmas Inn/ Colleen Wright

2020.11     The Way of the Brave/ Susan May Warren

2020.10     The Printed Letter Bookshop/ Katherine Reay

2020.09     The Saturday Night Supper Club/ Carla Laureano

2020.04     The Red Door Inn/ Liz Johnson

2020.03     Becoming Us/ Robin Jones Gunn

2020.02     Courting Mr. Emerson/ Melody Carlson

2020.01     The Sound of Rain/ Sarah Loudin Thomas