Little Free Library Project

Summer Reading is in full swing here at NMPL, but we are already working on new projects for the fall and beyond! One of our new projects is creating, placing, and maintaining Little Free Libraries.  We are partnering with volunteers from the community and the Universalist Church of New Madison to provide little outposts where readers can find books in unusual spaces. The motto of Need a book, take a book; have a book, share it makes these spaces useful to our community.  The plan is to get volunteers to help build these book-sharing spaces then we will place them in public areas, fill them with a variety of reading materials, and hope that others will borrow and share, too. 

If you have never heard of a Little Free Library, check out their informative web site where you will find among other things a map of existing Little Free Libraries, examples of LFL from all over the world, and a brief history of this book-sharing movement. In our quest to increase literacy of both adults and children in our communities, the staff and leadership here at NMPL hope that this project will bring books to those who cannot visit us and those who cannot afford to buy books. After all, everyone need a little reading and sharing in their lives.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping with this project, give us a call at 937-996-1741 and ask for Brenda or Stephanie. You can also email Happy Reading! J used0 \lsd

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Happy Spring

HELLO SPRING! Yes, spring is rearing its lovely head in Ohio. A few days of sunshine have us all singing spring’s praises. This time of year also gets us thinking about renewal, revitalization, and rejuvenation. For some of us, this means cleaning out closets, garages, and cupboards. For others, it gets us thinking about our professional lives… especially if we’re feeling a bit stagnate or stale in our current job. If this describes you, I might just have a simple solution – LEARN SOMETHING NEW. Yes, just the act of learning a new skill set might be the answer. Even better, I have a FREE option that can be accessed on your timeline!

If you haven’t heard New Madison Public Library offers FREE access to All you need to get started is an Ohio Library Card and an internet connection. offers over 7,400 courses and over 250,000 video tutorials taught by experts. To begin, you simply visit our web site and click on the “Resources” page. Click into the icon, set up a FREE account, and begin searching. To login you will need your Library card number and your pin number; if you need help with either of these, just give us a call at 937-996-1741.



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Back to School & Back to the Library

Well, it happened – the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Judging by the smiling, sweaty faces that arrived for LEGO Club @ NMPL, it was a successful day. Now the busyness of the school routine begins with backpacks to pack, forms to sign, projects to complete, and books to read. Remember that we can help out with a lot of those tasks here @ the Library!

Primary school student needs some good books to read at their level for nightly reading goals – We have those all ready for you to pop in and choose a few or a stack.

Middle school student needs some historical timelines to help them complete their own personal timeline – We can find those for you in our reference and nonfiction collection.

Junior high student needs some help with algebra – We can suggest some helpful resources.

Senior needs some information on ACT, SAT, or College Applications – We can provide several guides for all of these needs.

Parents need some escape to pass the time waiting in the pick-up lane at school, practice, or a game – We offer one of the largest collections of magazines in the area. Stop in and check some out today.

Here @ the Library we truly do have “something for everyone”! Stop by this week to see our many resources.

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August @ NMPL

August in rural Ohio – especially Darke County – means fairs, preparation for harvest, last minute vacations, and, of course, back to school shopping.  You might ask yourself how New Madison Public Library figures into this collection. Well, let me tell you that we can help with all of these events….

Need an updated recipe for bread n’ butter pickles? Yes, we can find that in our vast collection of cookbooks.

Have questions about how to preserve those luscious heirloom tomatoes that are filling your kitchen counter? Yes, we have a wide selection of books focused on canning, freezing, and preserving the bounty of your garden.

Are you without the internet and need someone to look up what time your granddaughter will be showing her hogs? Yes, we can do that, too.

Are you curious about the best wineries within a 100 mile radius?  Yes, we have a magazine that will give you that information, and we can print a map, too.

Do you need to jump online to see who has the best deals for Ohio’s Tax-Free Weekend (which is Aug. 3-5 this year)? Yes, you can use one of our computers.

As you can see, your public library is helpful during every season of the year and every season of your life so the only question is … why haven’t you visited NMPL lately?

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I Didn’t Know My NMPL Had That!?!

When you stop and consider the life of a public library it’s hard to imagine another free institution that gives back so much to so many. (The only exception would be the public school down the street with which we collaborate extensively.) Any citizen can walk through our doors, complete a simple application, and magically have access to print, digital, and human resources that rival those of any corporation…

Love the New York Times, but can’t afford the luxury of paying hundreds of dollars a year for a subscription? Guess what? We have a copy available for you to read (thanks to a fabulous donor who believes that reading national news is important in a small, rural community).

Trying to give your two-year-old a childhood rich in literacy? Great, come to our infant and toddler storytime on Thursday mornings from 10-10:20.

Enjoy crafting, but don’t have the supplies, space, or ideas to do it? Super, come fellowship with other crafters and use materials supplied by the library (a $5 donation is suggested, but not required).

Need a meeting room for your mom’s group or discipling group? We have that too (but it fills up quickly so call ahead to get your group on the schedule).

Have older children who you don’t want to get off the bus to an empty house? Problem solved! Have them walk to the library where they can work on homework with fellow students, work on our patron computers, play games from our “Bored Games” collection, or just hang with friends until you can pick them up on your way home from work.

You may have noticed that I haven’t once mentioned the thousands of print resources, digital downloads, audio books, films, and music that we have to offer for FREE to our patrons. Believe me, we have an excellent collection with thousands more to request from our consortium-member libraries throughout the state.
Yes, we have the resources, space, materials, and knowledge that you seek so the only question is … why haven’t you visited NMPL lately?


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Winter Roundup & Spring Preview

Winter was a busy time for us here at NMPL. We continued to meet with the Tri-Village 3rd Grade on the 1st Friday of each month. Impromptu teen trivia with the after school crowd happened occasionally with rave reviews & high decibel ratings! Busy Bee Storytime focused on SNOW with snow books and activities for January and February, & we even made our own snow! We also began a new Storytime for little ones – Movin’ & Groovin’ meets Thursday mornings at 10AM, & is designed for our youngest patrons, with books, songs, and movement.

We also added a Craft & Create for adults this winter. This is designed for adults who like to craft or need a reason to get out of the house. We have been meeting one Wednesday a month at 1PM to do a (predetermined) craft together. NMPL provides the supplies you need and suggests a $5 donation to offset the cost of supplies. The next event is planned for Wed. March 23 @ 1:00. Come in today or call to sign up to create a wind chime from unique, found items like old keys, lamp crystals, & metal colanders.

As we roll into springtime be looking for other activities such as Teen Craft, Art @ the Library, and Lego challenges. We are also gearing up for our Summer Reading Program – “Libraries ROCK”! As always, LIKE us on FACEBOOK to follow our programming, displays, & events.

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A New Game From Google…

Summer is upon us! Schools are out and temperatures are rising so kids will be spending time in the cool air inside playing online games. While limiting “screen time” is a great idea, another alternative is leading your children to games where they can learn and game at the same time. A new one is available for FREE from Google and other partners, and it is aimed at teaching kids to be safe, smart, & kind users of the internet. After a little time playing it, I was impressed with the graphics, music, and gaming difficulty. As players move through the 5 areas of “Interland” they learn about things like safe sharing on social media and how to create strong passwords.

For educators there is also a FREE curriculum to download and other resources like origami directions for the “internauts” who appear during gameplay.

Here is a link to a Google blog that tells more about the program…

Here is the link to play the games…
Happy Gaming… See you soon @ the Library!

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Season of Change…

Spring tinges the air with just a wisp of warmth while frost still dusts the daffodils each morning. It is the season of change… winter jackets so necessary at 7 AM discarded by noon recess, seed packets and garden plans spread across workbenches, and chilly evenings on porch swings not quite warmed through. Something about this time of year causes us to pause and reflect upon ridding out, cleaning up, and building anew…

Here at NMPL, we too have been renewing. Over the last few months we have replaced our 25 year old roof, updated our interior paint, added the last set of automated exterior doors, and installed security cameras. If you haven’t been in lately, stop by some afternoon for a quick tour.

If you are thinking about refreshing, updating, or remodeling at your house, come check out our selection of nonfiction titles on gardening, home repairs, painting, and organizing to give you some suggestions. We also have magazines on these same topics that have even more updated ideas.

Whatever changes are in your future, be sure to stop in @ the Library!

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Gearing Up for Summer Events @ NMPL

With the changing seasons in Ohio this past week, it was easy to let our minds wander to Summer, 2017. Here @NMPL, we have been planning for the Summer Reading Program, 2017, BUILDING A BETTER WORLD. We have 3 big events on the calendar already – the naturalist & animals from Brukner Nature Center and 2 workshops from the Neil Armstrong Museum.

Beyond Summer Reading, we are also excited to announce that we will be having a SOLAR ECLIPSE Event on August 21, 2017. We are gearing up for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with lots of information for our patrons and guests. In the months & weeks leading up to the event, we will share ECLIPSE NOTES here on the blog. Watch this space for further updates, lessons on making a safe device to view the eclipse, and detailed event details.

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Finding Quiet Moments

“A Little Piece of Quiet” Mary Engelbreit Each morning when I set down at my desk, I am greeted by the whimsical art of Mary Engelbreit on my daily calendar. The bright colors and positive thoughts help to begin my day on a positive note. Recently I turned to a page with the quote, “A Little Piece of Quiet.” I got the pun immediately, but it took me longer to really analyze the message. A young lady in sock feet, jeans, and a loose, yellow sweater sits with a glass of milk, a jar of peanut butter, a butter knife, and a stack of crackers… reading a magazine. Her “piece of quiet” isn’t her smartphone, ipad, or laptop; it is a snack and something to read. It made me pause. How often do I find my “piece of quiet” in a book instead of on a digital screen? Where do you find your “piece of quiet”? If you, like me, find too often it isn’t so very quiet or peaceful, then perhaps it is time for a change…

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